Childcare Insurance

Children are the Future. Let us Protect Yours, so You Can Protect Theirs.

Although California does not require family child care providers to carry child care liability insurance, having a policy offers the protection that most day cares need in order to be successful. At JPL Insurance Services, our agents can help you understand your insurance options to make sure you choose a policy that appropriately matches your business’s child care liability risks.

Better Protection for Your Child Care Business

California gives day care centers and other child care service providers three liability options. They can:

  • Buy insurance that covers up to $300,000 in expenses
  • Buy a bond worth $300,000
  • Get parents to sign affidavits releasing the business from responsibility

Most parents prefer leaving the children at day care centers that carry insurance. They don’t want to suddenly find that they have to spend a lot of money to pay medical bills for an injury that happened while someone else was responsible for their child. They want peace of mind when they drop off their kids.

Child Care Insurance is Good Business

Having day care insurance could attract more clients to your business. It could also mean that you get more compensation for each child that you watch. This will help you cover the expense of purchasing child care insurance.

Choosing to use affidavits instead of insurance could also lead to legal problems for your business. Parents might hire lawyers who argue that no agreement can protect child care providers from negligent behavior. If they can convince a judge that your business acted irresponsibly, then you could face heavy court fees in addition to paying medical bills.

It just makes more sense to protect your business with insurance that will help you save money, worry less, and earn a better reputation.

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