Workers Compensation Insurance

Keep Your Employees Safe With Workers Compensation Insurance

California requires every employer to purchase workers compensation insurance. Even if you have only one employee, you still need workers comp. In fact, roofing contractors with no employees other than the owner also need workers compensation insurance according to California law.

It’s easy to see why a lot of companies find the legal requirements confusing. That’s why JPL Insurance Services works closely with each client to find the right level of workmans comp for his or her business, whether you’re located in California, Arizona, or Nevada.

What Does Your Workers Comp Cover?

Workers comp covers illnesses and injuries caused by activities that take place on the job. This includes:

  • Injuries caused by repetitive motion, such as back pain or carpal tunnel
  • Injuries caused by accidents on the work site
  • Illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals, radiation, and pollution

Having a reliable insurance policy from JPL Insurance Services not only keeps your business legal, it also protects you from liability when an employee gets injured or sick. That means it benefits your company as much as it benefits your employees. It’s a win-win situation.

What Doesn’t Workers Comp Cover?

Workers comp insurance typically does not cover injuries and illnesses that the employer isn’t responsible for. This usually includes:

  • Injuries sustained away from the work site
  • Injuries caused by a fight
  • Injuries caused while not following company policies
  • Injuries sustained while an employee is intoxicated

Barring these instances from coverage helps keep your costs low while giving you the protection you need to operate your company with peace of mind.

Services from a Dependable Agency

JPL Insurance Services works with many businesses in California, Nevada, and Arizona. That means our agents have experience helping business owners who work in many types of industries.

Contact the agents at JPL Insurance Services today at 800-500-2963 to learn more about how we can help you find a workers compensation insurance policy that matches your business’s unique needs.