Help Parents get their Children ready for Childcare

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Providing childcare resources for parents in your community is a large responsibility. However, you are an expert in your field and understand that this profession is more than just babysitting. Some mothers and father may be hesitant about sending their children to daycare for the first time. Show them that this is a learning process and a positive step for their children to be taking.

As the owner of a daycare center, you want customers to have confidence in your services. This can be done by showing them you promote safety. No matter what age the children are that you care for, they will have specific safety needs. This is what most parents will be looking for in a childcare place. Here are some other tips you can give parents so they can prepare to send their children off for a new learning experience:

child play in kindergarten

  • Parents should talk to the caregivers of the childcare center so they can have a better understanding of the experiences their children will have when away from home.
  • Make sure teachers are engaging the children with play and learning activities.
  • Once a parent feels comfortable with a daycare program, a transition period will occur for both them and their child. This big change takes time to adjust too, so patience is key.
  • Review the policies and procedures required by the daycare. Look at whether meals are provided, where to park, what security systems are in place, and what the hours are.
  • Staying true to a routine will help a child adapt to the new environment. Pick them up and drop them off at times that are predictable so they don’t feel left behind. Making sure everyone is comfortable will make the process smoother.
  • Parents should give themselves time to complete all the paperwork necessary before the child’s first day at childcare.

At JPL Insurance Services, we hope these tips help parents feel more comfortable when looking at your daycare service. Along with promoting safety, your business should also have child care liability insurance. Carrying this type of protection is extremely beneficial to your center. Our agents can help you understand your options to make sure you choose a package that matches the risks you may face. In addition, having this policy could attract more clients to your business!


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