Landlords: Preventing Theft from Burglars to Your Apartment Building

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Are you concerned about burglars entering your property and stealing from your residents? As a landlord, your priority lies in safety first. This means you should invest in a variety of protective measures, including keys, locks, alarm systems, and more. In order to prevent theft, give burglars a reason to stay away.

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You can’t do it all alone. Enlisting the help of a professional security installation team is helpful, as well as asking for input from tenants on what would help them feel safe. Here are some other tips that may help you prevent theft to your apartment building:

  • Install new locks often in each apartment unit.
  • Don’t give keys to anyone but the people living inside the apartment.
  • Install peephole in the front and back doors so people know who is knocking or trying to enter their home.
  • When answering the door of the apartment complex, always ask to see proper identification and what the purpose of the visit is if the person is not a tenant.
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch program to help reduce crime all around.
  • Consider installing a wireless alarm so it is not obvious to intruders.
  • Remind your residents to always lock their windows, no matter what floor they are on or time of day.
  • Make sure lights come on at night by using a programmable timer.
  • Create a plan for yourself and residents to respond if suspicious activity is observed.

At JPL Insurance Services, we hope these tips help you keep your entire apartment building safe. As the owner of a rental property, you should also make sure you have apartment building insurance. Our team has worked with numerous property management companies, so we can help you determine what level of insurance you need to protect your investment. Let us help you every step of the way so you can stay within the laws and regulations of the state.


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