Providing the Children at Your Daycare with Education on Safety and Prevention

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As a daycare provider, you are dedicated to the safety of the children you care for. How can you incorporate fun lesson plans on safety at home? Creating activities for the children to learn about prevention is a good way to keep them aware of their surroundings at a young age.

If the children you care for range in ages, you should first divide them into groups based on age. Then, you can brainstorm ideas with your staff about how to teach them about safety at home. Here are some tips to create a lesson plan based on reducing hazards:

Child painting at easel.

  • Ask the children if they know what hazards are. See if they can name things at home that might be considered as such.
  • Explain to them a variety of different hazards, such as frayed cords on electrical appliances, matches and lighters, outdoor fireplaces without mesh screens , furnaces, pot holders stored too close to stoves, and smoking in bed.
  • Explain that these are dangerous risks that could be in anyone’s home.
  • Ask students if they know why it is important to identify and correct these hazards in the home.
  • Explain why fire hazards are very dangerous at night when no one is awake.
  • Teach kids how to identify an overloaded electrical outlet, a candle too close a curtain, and the T.V. left on and unattended.
  • Have students draw a home floor plan and inspect their own homes with their parents.

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