Injured Worker? As a Contractor, you should have an Accident or Injury Covered!

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If a large accident or mishap occurred on your worksite, what would you do? As a contractor, it is important to make sure your employees are thoroughly protected and aware of the safety regulations involved with their job. In addition, providing proper training to workers can help you mitigate the potential risks you face.

You can never predict when a piece of equipment could fail, or if a slip or fall could occur. Either way, preparing for the worst is necessary. You don’t want to experience extreme financial loss the way a contractor at Disney did due to an accident. Recently, California safety regulators fined a Disney contractor $60,995 after a worker was injured while cleaning the Space Mountain ride.

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The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reported that HSG Inc. violated several safety rules. What happened was the contractor fell and suffered broken bones last year during a routine cleaning of Space Mountain. Specifically, the contractor was cited for failure to make sure that anchors were provided to the worker performing the cleaning. In addition, Cal-OSHA proposed a nearly $235,000 penalty against Disneyland in connection with the contractor’s injury.

You would never want to be involved in such a huge mess like this, would you? At JPL Insurance Services, we hope you understand how important it is to make sure your workers are secure, safe, and protected. With the proper contractors insurance coverage, this is possible. Without such a policy, you could experience financial loss, amongst other consequences. Our agents have experience working with many types of contractors, including those that work on construction sites, in homes, and on commercial properties. We encourage you not to leave your business or employees exposed any longer. Your reputation and the well being of your workers depends on it. Come to us today for a personalized package!


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