The Best Protection for the Road

As a family-owned agency, JPL Insurance Services values the safety and needs of your family when it comes to purchasing auto insurance.  

There’s no question: car insurance is an essential.  For young or experienced drivers, new vehicles or older used cars, everyone needs the best coverage at a price that works for you.  JPL Insurance Services helps you sort through your options in finding policies that align with your need.

Insurance Agent Examining Car Crash And Customer Assessed Negoti

Types of Car Insurance

The agents at JPL Insurance Services are licensed to serve in all 50 states and know different states require different levels of auto insurance.  For example, the required coverage in California differs from the coverage in Arizona.  At JPL Insurance Services, we make sure you meet those coverage standards. Our agents have your interests as our priority.  JPL Insurance Services finds you any additional coverage you or your family needs while protecting you from unexpected expenses.

Consider the advantages of these popular auto insurance policies:

  • Liability insurance – pays to repair another person’s car when you cause an accident
  • Collision insurance – pays to repair your car even when you are responsible for an accident
  • Comprehensive insurance – covers damage caused to your vehicles by hail, wind, fire, vandalism, and other events beyond your control
  • AARP auto insurance that gives you a discounted price on your coverage
  • Rental insurance for when you rent a vehicle

JPL Insurance Services makes sure you understand how each policy addresses your risk, so you choose the protection that best gives you peace of mind.

Family Auto Insurance, from Our Family to Yours

JPL Insurance Services has experience working with families of all sizes. Whether your family owns one, two, three, or more vehicles, we can find reliable policies that match your concerns and needs.

JPL Insurance Agents are dedicated to applying our experience with clients nationwide to help your family find the best auto insurance policy. We are in the business of building relationships between us, our clients, and our insurance providers.  When you come to JPL Insurance Services for your family’s auto insurance, you become part of our family.

Contact JPL Insurance Services’ San Diego office today at 800-500-2963 for more information about how we can help your family choose auto insurance or update your current policy. We look forward to hearing from you!