Contractors Overcome Challenges Everyday, Your Insurance Shouldn’t be One of Them

JPL Insurance Services makes it easy for contractors to find the proper insurance coverage. Without contractors insurance, it’s unlikely that you can secure many jobs in California.

You can count on us to help you find insurance policies that may help you get more contracts while protecting your business from liability.

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Get the Protection You Need

Contractors insurance offers several types of protection that can help your business become more successful. Some of the coverage that you get from a typical contractors policy includes:

  • Liability protection when someone gets hurt on your construction site
  • Liability protection when you make a mistake on the job
  • Protection from liability when your work causes an injury after you have finished the job

The specific level of protection that you get depends on the policy that you choose. Talking with a professional insurance agent at JPL Insurance Services can help you find a suitable policy that will give you peace of mind.

Other Insurance Options for Contractors

Most contractors need more protection than liability policies offer. Some of the policies that you might want to add to your insurance plan include:

  • Workers compensation insurance, a requirement for all employers in California
  • Commercial vehicle insurance that covers your trucks, vans, and other vehicles

We’ll let you know if additional policies will benefit your business.

Get Services from a Company That Cares

At JPL Insurance Services, our agents have experience working with many types of contractors, including those that work on construction sites, in homes, and on commercial properties. Contact our office in San Diego today at 800-500-2963 to learn more about how contractors insurance can protect your business from financial liability. The type of coverage that you choose could be the difference between success and going out of business because of one mistake.