Lasting Protection for Your Family and Business

Like any insurance policy, life insurance provides vital protection for your investments.  Whether it is for your family’s benefit or your business, purchasing a life insurance policy with JPL Insurance Services puts you on track to have lasting protection for your beneficiaries and assets.   

JPL Insurance Service’s experienced agents are on call and on site to advise you through your options for life insurance policies to ensure you receive the best coverage.  This includes analyzing your finances to determine dependents’ and beneficiaries’ required standard of living, clear debts, or address estate tax issues.  JPL Insurance Service agents are licensed to work in all 50 states and are equipped to educate you on the best life insurance policies unique to your needs.   

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Benefits for Individuals

At its core, life insurance offers a secure source of income for your beneficiaries and dependents in the event of death.  That is just the surface.  JPL Insurance Services helps you find the best life insurance policy with optimum benefits for your loved ones including 

  • Supplementing retirement 
  • Creating college or educational funds 
  • Paying estate taxes 
  • Creating living needs benefits 

And more! 

JPL Insurance Service’s life insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage and add-ons—such as mortgage protection or disability protection–to enhance your policy and protection for the unexpected.    

Benefits for Businesses

Just like a life insurance plan protects and supports your loved ones in the event of death or disaster, a life insurance plan for your business does the same.  No matter the size of your business, starting and running it was an investment, and it deserves a full-coverage life insurance plan, too.  At JPL Insurance Services, we are invested in finding the best policy to cover your business’s needs. 

Benefits of purchasing a life insurance policy for your business include: 

  • Protection for key employees and partners 
  • Structured buy-sell plans 
  • Disability buyouts 
  • Business succession plans 

JPL Insurance Service’s experience with businesses makes our agents prepared to help you build a life insurance policy that will provide lasting protection for your business in the event of sudden loss.  

Dependable Service for Your Personal Needs

JPL Insurance Services works with you so you and your priorities are at the center of your life insurance plan.  Our agents assist and guide you through the process of finding the best policy to make sure your options are clear while providing optimum coverage.   

From our family to yours, we want to make sure your loved ones and business are covered in the event of emergency or loss.  Contact our San Diego office today at 800-500-2963 to learn more about how we can help you find the best life insurance policy.